About Me and Eyelash Extensions

The AfterLash Team

Shireen Y., Owner, RN, LE

My name is Shireen, and The AfterLash is how I have turned my passion into my work. A little bit about me: I am a Registered Nurse turned Esthetician with a strong interest within the medical and cosmetic field, giving me a sort of medium between the two. As a professional Lash Artist, I pride myself in my work and having the number one priority of making sure my clients leave The AfterLash feeling and looking gorgeous. It is amazing how lashes can transform the entire look of a person and create a frame around the most important aspect of the face, the eyes. I aim for every set to be perfect, with the perfect curl and the perfect length for the eyes. Perfection takes patience and effort. I opened The AfterLash to ensure that every aspect of service and client happiness is nothing less than excellent!

Cathleen A., LE, Lash Artist
Cathleen is a Bay Area native having worked in former occupations as a Flight Attendant, Certified Nurse‚Äôs Aide, and Legal Assistant. Her qualifications and experience in the health and beauty industry comes from both giving and receiving services, promoting and marketing reputable beauty and healthcare products, and receiving excellent training with some of the best highly-skilled Estheticians in the Bay Area. She has completed over 600 plus hours of Esthetics education at the National Cosmetology Beauty School in Oakland, CA, and on-line training courses with accredited trainer, Frankie Widdows at the Institute of Eyelash Excellence. In addition, she remains diligent with keeping up on the latest trends, products, and changes in this fast growing industry. She has always had a love and passion for helping people feel beautiful, and it is her goal to give her clients a relaxing experience while providing the highest quality of service possible.
Ericka M., LE, Lash Artist
Ericka was born and raised in the Bay Area as well. She gained an interest in lash extensions when they became more prominent in her everyday life. She found that she was not only complimented on how well her application technique was, but also the way it made people feel in enhancing their beauty. On her free time she enjoys spending time with family at baseball games, the movies, traveling, dancing to different kinds of music or just relaxing at home together. Having a good time and socializing is important to her, because she believes life is too short not to live life to its fullest! “I am grateful to be preforming within a career that I love. I am constantly striving to be better while meeting wonderful people along the way and making them happy! “